Older Toddlers

(2 - 3 years old)

Our Toddler Program offers opportunities for children to learn through play.

We provide an engaging environment with intentionally planned learning experiences which encompasses every aspect of life in the classroom. While individually nurturing each child, our teachers also provide a high level of interaction with daily whole group instruction to promote social skills development, balanced attention to play time, development of each child’s confidence, self-esteem, and the love of learning. We are focused on learning areas such as dramatic play, creative arts, language, and sensory exploration.


At this age

Children are discovering they are separate individuals, Independence and the developing of self-awareness, exploding into language, and strengthening their bodies every day.

This program is designed to gently introduce your child to the experience and the community of the classroom environment.

A warm and cozy classroom welcomes each child. The space is carefully prepared to meet the needs of children in this age group. Here we encourage children to observe, question, and seek answers. The curriculum focuses on enriching vocabulary, building receptive and expressive language skills, and fostering self-awareness and socialization. Children are free to move around the classroom and select materials and activities that spark their interest. Children are engaged with classroom materials, model grace and courtesy, and are gently encouraged as they establish everyday life skills, such as feeding themselves snack, cleaning up, and using the toilet.