Days are planned so we will:



Our infant program provides the highest quality care designed with the parent and child in mind.

1-2 years old


Preparing Your Child for Life-Long Learning.

2-3 years old


Our Toddler Program offers opportunities for children to learn through play.

3-4 years old


Our Preschool and Pre-K program is designed for children ages three to five years old. Introducing math, science, literacy and social skills while learning one step at a time.

School Age

school age D

Children will be given the opportunity to participate in games, group activities, art and crafts, and many other fun learning experiences.

Our Curriculum

What you teach me birth to three will be what matters most to me. What you teach me three to five will be what makes me grow and thrive.” Dr. Pam Schiller, FrogStreet Curriculum Author

FrogStreet focuses on the development of early childhood minds. Founded by early childhood educators FrogStreet emphasizes that teachers and caregivers have a short period of time to teach young minds all the information they need to know and that time should also be filled with fun and purpose.

FrogStreet continually strives to improve programs based on current research along with valued input from early educators and caregivers in the field.